JDMIS has a comprehensive process for students to have their examination results reviewed by our Academic board.

The JDMIS is committed to providing the best possible education and experience to its students! It gives me great pleasure to make the following declaration with regard to the school's core policies...

The JDMIS holds itelf to a high standard both in its provision of superior training, but also in the quality of its service. Below are the service standard that the JDMIS and its staff are committed to maintaining...

Corporate Information

Jewellery Design and Management International School Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-registered company, UEN 200723821C.

JDMIS also owns ‘Creative Jewellery Studio’, a business used to provide the JDMIS student cooperative retail store a formal business structure in which to transact its sales. Creative Jewellery Studio is a registered Precious Stones and Precious Metals dealer with the Ministry of Law.

JDMIS is a registered Private Educational institution under the Singapore Committee for Private Education and an Approved Training Organization under Workforce Singapore.

Management Team

The JDMIS Board of Directors consists of executive board members with a broad range of operational expertise in the fields of education and jewellery.

JDMIS Board of directors:

Tanja Sadow
Mrs. Tanja
M. Sadow
Mrs Antonietta Zupancich - Management Team
Mr Alexander Zupancich - Management Team

All students attending the JDMIS should receive the same quality and value of education. This statement is important to us and we maintain pricing and discount policies to ensure our staff and agents to not undermine this goal...

Troubleshooting Information: