The JDMIS holds itelf to a high standard both in its provision of superior training, but also in the quality of its service. Below are the service standard that the JDMIS and its staff are committed to maintaining...

Student Commitment & Code of Ethics

We demonstrate honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour in all transactions, placing welfare of our students and staff ahead of the gains of our organisation.

Quality of Education and Support

We provide quality in learning delivery, quality in learning support and quality care, mentorship and support of our students.

Superior Service

We are timely, polite and friendly in responding to student enquiries and in service delivery.

Transparent Scheduling

We will provide timely information concerning changes in any deadlines, schedules, assessments and commencement dates should they differ from our Student Handbook and website. The JDMIS ensures that at the very least, 7 days notice are given to significant diploma programme schedule changes.

Appropriate Placement

Applicants' background (including standardised tests where appropriate) and aptitudes are evaluated against the course(s) they wish to enrol in to determine their correct placement. The JDMIS does not accept students into its programs whose background or abilities preclude their achieving success within the JDMIS curriculum.

Exceptional Faculty and Staff

All our staff are carefully selected and trained to deliver quality service that we aspire to achieve.

Fair Refund, Transfer and Withdrawal Policies

We guarantee appropriate refunds of tuition fees depending on the circumstances and merits according to the Agreement we have entered with each student.

Active Attention to Complaints

We have procedures to deal with any student’s grievances and complaints and undertake to resolve them within the maximum period of 21 days.


Troubleshooting Information: