The JDMIS markets its courses showing a combination of tuition fees and course-materials fees. As such, students receive all the books, tools, jewellery making equipment, and materials they will need to complete their contact training assignments. This presentation of the school fees allows us to communicate easily to our students the total sum they should expect to pay upon successful enrolment in the programmes however, full-time Diploma students participating in the Student Protection Scheme will be interested in the tuition/materials cost breakdown...

The Jewellery Design and Management International School believes that feedback and resolved grievances help improve our Product, Quality, Service and Brand. Positive feedback and complaints on staff, delivery, learning support or student welfare reinforces our service quality and our commitment to place the student as our primary focus.

The JDMIS takes its commitments to its students seriously; one of these commitments is to the confidentiality of it's students personal data, billing information and other details that the schools becomes privvy to during its students' attendance. The school has strict policies on when and how such information may be used, as well as physical and electronic safeguards.

As a student of the JDMIS you are responsible both for the quality and timeliness of your work, as well as your behaviour towards your peers and instructors. The JDMIS works within clear guidelines to ensure its students work in a harmonious and conducive environment.

The JDMIS understands that circumstances may change and a student's plans may not always be achievable. As a school, unforseen circumstances may also arise that lead to unexpected changes in schedule. In order to recognise these eventualities and provide a measure of protection should they occur, the JDMIS enters in to a formal contract with its full time diploma students (a sample of which may be found here) This contract includes a detailed refund policy that is utlines below.

Troubleshooting Information: