The Jewellery Design and Management International School believes that feedback and resolved grievances help improve our Product, Quality, Service and Brand. Positive feedback and complaints on staff, delivery, learning support or student welfare reinforces our service quality and our commitment to place the student as our primary focus.

Guiding Principles

The JDMIS approaches student feedback and grievance resolution, and devises student grievance resolution processes, according to the following guiding principles:

Informal resolution via Feedback (minor problem) will be attempted before escalation to Written Grievance (major problem) where possible;
Student feedback / grievances will be addressed as close as possible to the source of student dissatisfaction;
Minor problems will be resolved expeditiously, on-the-spot, if possible while written grievances or major problems will be resolved within no more than 21 days.
Due regard for confidentiality is maintained throughout the feedback/grievance process. Students should feel secure in the knowledge that they will not suffer any form of disadvantage as a result of making a complaint.
Feedback and grievance channels (including requests for interview, evaluation forms, verbal and written complaints) and the support available to students is publicised in student handbooks, gazetted on the student notice board and available online to facilitate access to the grievance resolution process.

Complaints Documentation Process

Student's raising informal complaints that can be resolved by their student services representative are asked to complete a feedback form indicating the resolution or anticipated steps to resolution; both student and staff member sign off on this document.

If the informal process does not lead to an agreeable conclusion, the student will be asked to submit a formal written grievance on the JDMIS grievance form to the relevant individual:

For academic matters: The Faculty Head
For registration & billing matters: The Registrar
For operational matters: The Operations Manager

Samples of the Written Grievance Form may be found attached to this document. It requires information about the student, the grievance and tracks the staff involvement during the various resolution steps.

Grievance Resolution Procedure

Every effort will be made to address reasonable student complaints and grievances without the need for formal written grievances. Should this fail however, the student may, at any time, approach their faculty head or student services manager and raise a formal written grievance.

The relevant individual will review the grievance and acknowledge receipt of the complaint, in writing, within 2 working days.

If the grievance cannot be resolved within 7 working days, it will be escalated to the Dean and/or Managing Director for review in-person with the student. If at this time the matter remains unresolved, the Councing for Private Education (A Singapore government statutory board) will be brought in to mediate or, where appropriate, the matter will be taken to the Small Claims Court Tribunal such that it may be definitively resolved within 21 days.

Below is a flow-chart indicating the JDMIS Complaint/Grievance resolution procedure:


Grievance Resolution Timelines

The JDMIS is committed to addressing minor issues immediately and to acknowledging and assigning responsibility for the resolution of major issues within 2 working days.

The JDMIS grievance resolution procedure attempts internal resolution of any issues with students within an additional 7 working days.

Should internal resolution prove fruitless, the JDMIS shall initiate contact with CPE to request mediation or, where recommended by legal counsel, bring the matter to the Small Claims Tribunal. It is the goal of the JDMIS to resolve any and all student complaints within a maximum of 21 days.

Troubleshooting Information: