All students attending the JDMIS should receive the same quality and value of education. This statement is important to us and we maintain pricing and discount policies to ensure our staff and agents to not undermine this goal...

Discounts and Variable Pricing

It is JDMIS policy not to offer any ‘discounts’ on its Diploma course tuition and additional course fees (such as books and materials.) As part of the JDMIS code of practice for agents, agents too are encouraged not to represent promotions as affecting actual tuition or additional course fees.

The JDMIS does offer conditional full and partial waivers of the diploma registration fees required of both Singaporean and International students according to the scenarios outlined in its Discount Policy (examples include Special Events, Road Shows, Etc…)

The JDMIS maintains discretionary scholarship funds supported by local and international businesses, charitable organizations and associations. Use of these funds is often at the discretion of the supporting organizations but students are encouraged to discuss merit-based scholarships with JDMIS Student Services Staff.

The JDMIS has a greater degree of flexibility in the pricing of its short courses in lieu of registration fee discounts, but at no time are staff or agents allowed to discount or promote pricing changes without the express permission of the school.

Modes of Payment

The JDMIS does not accept tuition payments through its agents. Students enrolling for courses with the JDMIS though an agent or foreign representative should never be expected to pay the agent directly any fee that is payable to the JDMIS.

Tuition Fees: There are many ways that you can pay your tuition fees into your escrow account:

  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Singapore dollar Cheque, Cashier’s Order or Bank Draft
  • Internet Banking (Local bank transfer)
  • ATM Cash Deposit

Non-tuition fees: For course materials and other non-tuition costs the JDMIS also accepts:

  • Credit Card Payment using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club or JCB
  • NETS Payment
  • Singapore Currency Cash in sub-$1000 denominations

The JDMIS Administrative staff will assist you to decide on the most convenient and effective method of remitting your school fees.

Singapore Goods and Services Tax

The JDMIS is registered with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (GST Registration No.200723821C) and all sales made by the JDMIS are subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax. At the time of writing, this tax was levied at 7% of the sales total. This tax is not included within published prices and appears as a separate line item on student tax invoices.

For GST Refund or import declaration purposes, students may request an itemized list of the books and equipment issued to them and paid for within their non-tuition course fees. Since equipment and materials continue to be issued throughout the program, the JDMIS will only issue such documentation will upon successful completion of their program.

Troubleshooting Information: