The JDMIS takes its commitments to its students seriously; one of these commitments is to the confidentiality of it's students personal data, billing information and other details that the schools becomes privvy to during its students' attendance. The school has strict policies on when and how such information may be used, as well as physical and electronic safeguards.

Direct Marketing

From time to time, we may contact you via mail, electronic-mail, telephone (call or SMS-Text) or facsimile, to inform about our upcoing JDMIS courses, activities, community project or jewellery jobs, or about special offers and promotions that we think may be of interest to you. You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive marketing material and we will update your preferences in our database.

Confidentiality of Student Information

The Registrar is the custodian of student records at the JDMIS. Access to student records is restricted by school policy. Those individuals having access to a student's record include:

  • The individual student;
  • School employees who have a legitimate educational/administrative need;
  • Third parties who have the written permission of the student.

Certain information in student records has been identified as "public information" unless restricted by the student. Public information may be disclosed to any party without the prior written consent of the student unless the student has requested in writing that the information be withheld.

JDMIS faculty and staff may access student records only as required to perform assigned duties. JDMIS employees are personally liable for releasing confidential information from student records without authorization. Violation of confidentiality and privacy laws and policies may result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the school.

Parent Notification

In cases involving serious injury and in emergency situations, the JDMIS may notify the parents or guardians of a student. Further, in such situations, and were possible, the school will notify the individual(s) designated by the student.

Public Information Regarding Students

The following is a list of directory items that may be made available to the public regarding students of the JDMIS without their prior consent and is considered part of the public record of their attendance:

  1. Name
  2. Country of Nationality
  3. Course of Study
  4. Dates of attendance
  5. Enrolment status (full-time, part-time, or not enrolled)
  6. Date of graduation
  7. Awards received and where received
  8. Most recent educational institution attended

Information Not Subject to Student Inspection and Review

Records and information that are not subject to inspection and review include, but are not limited to:

  1. Records of instructional, supervisory, and administrative personnel and educational personnel.
  2. Financial records and statements of the parents of students or any information contained therein, except with the written permission of the parent or parents whose records and statements are at issue.
  3. Those portions of a student's records that contain information on other students.

Procedure for Inspection and Review of Records

Requests to inspect and review a student's records should be made in writing (whether or not the student personally appears) and addressed to the official responsible for those records.
The official responsible for the records in question will determine whether or not the JDMIS will honour such a request within a reasonable period of time. In doubtful cases, the request should be referred for decision to the General Counsel.
The JDMIS will comply with requests to inspect and review a student's records that it has determined to honour within a reasonable period of time but in no case more than forty-five days after the request was made.
The JDMIS may require the presence of a school administrative official during the inspection and review of a student's records.
The JDMIS will respond to reasonable requests from students for explanations and interpretations of records inspected and reviewed hereunder.

Challenge of Record Entry:

The student is entitled to challenge and/or add to the factual basis of any record entry contained in records, files, and/or data. The purpose of this challenge is to ensure that such entries are not inaccurate or misleading, or in violation of his/her privacy or other rights as a student, and to provide an opportunity for the correction or deletion of any such inaccuracies, misleading or otherwise inappropriate data contained therein. The substantive judgment of a faculty member about a student's work, expressed in grades and/or evaluations, is not within the purview of this right to challenge.

The school will provide, on request by the student, an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of the student's record(s). The administrative officer is authorized to rectify the entry and so notify the student in writing. The designated officer will provide the student with an opportunity to place in the records a statement commenting upon the challenged information in the educational records that will be kept so long as the contents are contested. The contents of the student's challenge will remain a part of the student's records regardless of the outcome of any challenge.

Compliance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26, 2012)

Collection of Data

Where possible, we will collect your Personal Data directly from you and secure the relevant consent from you. This may take place in a number of ways, such as when you visit us in our school, interact with us at an event or exhibition or ask us to provide more information over the telephone or internet. 

Our websites may also offer interactive facilities, such as customer enquiry or comment forms and contest entry forms, where Personal Data may also be collected. In addition, we may obtain Personal Data from third parties such as our agents, ambassadors and regulatory authorities. Where you have accessed and used our websites and any services we offer via the websites, you agree to be bound by this Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy in respect of the Personal Data collected about you via our websites.
Regardless of who provides Personal Data to us, it will always be handled by us in accordance with this Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 26 of 2012)

Do Not Call Registry

The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry prohibits the sending of unsolicited telemarketing messages (“specified messages”) to Singapore telephone numbers through voice calls, text or fax messages registered on the DNC Registers unless the organization sending the messages have the user’s/subscriber’s clear and unambiguous consent.
In compliance with the DNC Registry provisions, JDMIS will not send specified messages to your telephone or facsimile numbers that appear on the DNC Registry unless you are an existing student (having taken any long or short term course) and the communication is related to education at JDMIS or administration matters.
If you are not a student and have given us such consent, we will continue to send you specified messages until you advise us that you wish to withdraw the consent.
JDMIS will continue to contact you at the telephone number/s you have provided us in the limited circumstances allowed under the DNC Registry even if these telephone or facsimile number/s are registered with the DNC. You may, however, advise us in should you wish not to be contacted by us at your telephone number(s) for any given purpose or all purposes.
Please be informed that we will still contact you via the most effective and efficient mode where required by law.

Withdrawal of Consent

Should you wish to withdraw your consent for us to send you sales and marketing information via a specific mode or all modes of communications (e.g., mail, email, telephone calls, SMS-Text), please notify us in writing to through any official contact channel or, in the case of email, use the included links to either unsubscribe or adjust your preferences directly in our database. While most requests are processed instantaneously, we may require up to 4 weeks, upon receipt of your request, for the change to take effect.

In adition to providing written notice, you may remove yourself directly from our call lists in the following ways:

  • Call our registrar on 62215253 and inform them of your preferece
  • SMS DNC to 91254107 to request that we do not call you with promotional messages
  • SMS DNS to 91254107 to request we do not SMS you with promotional messages
  • Visit to request we do not email you with promotional messages

Whilst we respect your decision to withhold and/or withdraw your consent, you may wish to know that should we not have the appropriate consent to contact you, we might not be able to accord you the full extent of the personalized and comprehensive customer experience we had designed to serve you – e.g., invitation to JDMIS events, special privileges and offers, or course reminders, among others.

Internal Handling of Student Data

Systems and security

All students' particulars collected during their application process (i.e. Application/Registration Forms, other personal records) are electronically digitized and stored in their respective student's personal folders in a central, secure network storage device. Selected portions of this personal information (such as student ID, name, contact details, emergency contact numbers, etc) are transcribed into an operations database for the purpose of facilitating student communication and recordkeeping.

The digital files and database records are only accessible by designated staff managing these records:

Access to these records is by means of a local area network separated from student access points and external access by means of a firewall.
Access to specific student information folders and database information is restricted to authorized school computer systems and further restricted by individual employee's access rights via a secure log-on process.
Original paperwork that has been digitized and placed into a student's electronic file is shredded before being disposed of.
Any manual records of students' particulars that have not been digitized are kept in cabinets under lock and key outside the school operating hours. During the operating hours, only designated staff has access to these documents for the purpose of digitization.

Student records are not permitted to be removed from school premises (excepting that they have been digitized and shredded) unless prior permission is obtained from the registrar.

Internal Policies

Students are informed in their application form that their particulars (with the exception of ‘Public Information' stated above) are intended for JDMIS administrative and internal use only.

The JDMIS will not use said information for external marketing purposes or divulge this information to third parties without seeking the express consent written consent from the student for that specific purpose.

Where internal use of student particulars is concerned and excepting academic and billing activities, permission for use is to be sought from the superintendent.

Acceptable privacy and security procedures are disseminated to JDMIS staff during orientation and training to ensure they are aware of the school policies. Changes to the school's commitment to student record confidentiality or security procedures are to be circulated to existing staff members by means of internal memoranda.

The school maintains strict policies regarding the misuse or negligent handling of student information outlined in staff appointment letters. Penalties include:

  • Reprimand and warning for negligence by first-offenders
  • Dismissal for repeat offenders refusing to adhere to school policies
  • Immediate dismissal and, where appropriate, litigation against premeditated misuse or release of student information
Troubleshooting Information: