The JDMIS understands that circumstances may change and a student's plans may not always be achievable. As a school, unforseen circumstances may also arise that lead to unexpected changes in schedule. In order to recognise these eventualities and provide a measure of protection should they occur, the JDMIS has a formal refund policy for its short courses, certificate programs and for students taking individual diploma modules on a part-tme basis.

JDMIS short courses do not require students to enter into formal contracts with the school, as such the refund policies are somewhat less formal; written notice is not required, but recommended to avoid argument over notice receipt. Where informal channels (such as SMS, email, etc...) are used to notify the JDMIS of a cancellation or withdrawal, it is the responsibility to the student to ensure that the JDMIS has received the notification. The JDMIS recognizes the notification of a cancellation at the time it was received and is not responsible for delays such as telephone network conjestion or student's internet connectivity problems.

Students of all JDMIS short courses do not pay separate registraton fees nor is there a distinction between tuition and non-tuition fees. Students of these courses pay a registration pre-payment (similar to a deposit) of $30 or $300 (depending on the course duration) to reserve their seat in these courses. These registration pre-payments are fully refundable except in instances of last minute cancellation or withdrawal.

Full Refund

The student maintains the right to request that the JDMIS refund student course fees in full, under the following conditions:

  • Non-commencement of Course for any reason on commencement date
  • Termination of Course for any reason before course completion

Students may expect such a refund within 7 working days from the date of their request provided one or more of the above conditions are met.

Under these circumstances, the JDMIS shall refund the entire amount of the student's fees (including registration pre-payment) minus the costs of any tools or materials included within the course that the student chooses to keep.

Partial Refund

Students who cancel their scheduled short courses of their own accord may request a partial refund from the JDMIS. The amount of the refund is based on the time between the receipt of the student's request to cancel or reschedule and the start date of their course and is outlined in the Table below:

Refund amount Receipt of Student's 
cancellation/withdrawal notice
100% of course fees & registration prepayment

More than 5 working days before the commencement date of the course

Entire amount of course fees minus registration prepayment. (ie: registration amount is forfeit)

Before, but not more than 5 working days before the commencement date of the course

No refunds are given following commencement of the course. Students are liable for full course fees upon start date of class.
JDMIS will not pro-rate course fees based on attendance.

On or after the commencement date of the of the course or after partial attendance of the course 

Students may expect such a refund within 7 working days from the date of their request.

Important Notice Regarding Method of Refund

Students should be aware that the JDMIS will not refund moneys paid by parents or guardians directly to a student. In instances where a student cancels or withdraws from a course of study and their fees were paid by a parent, the refund will be issued to that parent using an appropriate payment method.

Rescheduling Fees:

Students are liable for $45 rescheduling fees for each lesson that is missed without a minimum of 5 days advance notice. Students missing in excess of 25% of their regularly scheduled classes without advance notice and wishing to make up their classes will be billed a flat fee of $300 per certificate/diploma module (ie: rescheduling fee cap per certificate is $300).