Accurate drawings are often not enough to convey the beauty and mystique of a design to a customer or client. Learn professional shading techniques to create depth in monochromatic designs, and full-colour rendering methods to produce spectacular, life-like illustrations. Gain the confidence to guide and design to customer specifications while they watch your ideas come to life.

Course outline

  • 1. Colour rendering

    1. Colour rendering

    Add a touch of colour to highlight a key gem or section of your design, or create full-colour works that will take your breath away! Learn to use wax-based coloured pencils and pigment inks instead of traditional paint to supercharge your rendering efficiency.

  • 2. Layout and presentation

    2. Layout and presentation

    Portfolios and exhibitions bring the inner world of the jewellery designer to the real world of manufacturers, customers and jewellery competitions. The class is full of tips, examples and suggestions to make your presentation the best it can be.

  • 3. Perspective drawing

    3. Perspective drawing

    The drawing techniques of two point and three point perspective will give you the ability to accurately visualize your jewellery designs from new viewpoints and to accentuate key elements of yoru design. Implement amazing short-cuts that allow fast sketching of perspective views to achieve visual impact (and impress customers!) in counter-sketching scenarios.

  • 4. Shading

    4. Shading

    Learn how to create realistinc shading on a wide variety of jewellery surfaces to bring your designs out of the paper and into your viewer's imagination. Shading adds depth, conveys function and can make a sale! Learn quick techniques for working at the counter, and more accurate, elaborate methods to shade your masterpieces.

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  • Tools and materials

    Tools and materials

    Price is inclusive of all the tools needed in order to professionally design jewellery. A comprehensive reference set of notes is also provided within the course fee.

  • Learning path

    Learning path


    This course offers a design experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will have designed their own jewellery.

    Pre-requirements: JD150.

    Next Step: JD200.

  • Duration


    40 hours

    7 weeks (1 day/week), or
    14 weeks (1 half-day/week)

    JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

  • Course fee

    Course fee

    SGD 2,088

    inclusive of GST
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