Want to produce quickly and efficiently? The fastest way to creating high quality, fashionable jewellery is by knowing what materials and pre-fabricated components to select and how to assemble them professionally.

Using the tips and techniques from our Fashion Jewellery Arts Programme, many fashion jewellery artists are able to quickly create entire lines of jewellery and been able to build a loyal customer base!

Become a Fashion Jewellery Designer

Successful fashion jewellery professionals must rise above massproduced, low quality merchandise flooding the market and distinguish themselves through design, quality of materials and expert fabrication. This unique and highly specialized diploma combines professional techniques with practical advice, product knowledge and design inspiration to ensure immediate results.

By becoming a Certified Fashion Jewellery Artist, grow your knowledge base, experience and range of design; profit as you carve your niche in this field.

Completing many different styles of design, using a plethora of different materials, and experiencing how to work with customers and design to specification, this programme prepares you for a successful path in the creative jewellery arts.

Certified Fashion Jewellery Artists:

  • show professionalism and commitment to their craft
  • produce unique designs using advanced techniques
  • understand their materials and choose the best combinations for their jewellery lines
  • develop their own style and brand, with attention to detail and quality, that is consistently saleable.

Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design consists of the following modules: