For application and registration fees, we accept many payment methods, if you want to pay over the phone the head office can accept Visa & Mastercard. If you visit the office, they can take any credit card, NETS or Singapore dollar cheque. If you use internet banking, we also accept local bank MAPS transfers and international wire transfers.

Foreign students are required to may their tuition payments to a third-party escrow service provider authorized by the Consumer Association of Singapore. This escrow payment is a requirement for the issuance of Student Passes by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and provides additional protection for students. Complete details of the escrow payment process are provided upon your admission to the JDMIS together with your letter of acceptance.

For Singaporean students or permanent residents, escrow payment is also an option (and is recommended for the additional prodection it provides) however it is not required. Regardless of your choice to use escrow, for your tuition fees, the JDMIS recommends TCC, a local credit union that provides very competitive educational loans. If you would like more information on this we can email you their details or ask one of their credit consultants to call you. Alternatively you can approach your bank and ask them about educational loan programs. They will typically disburse payment upon completion of a credit check and receipt of your letter of offer from the JDMIS; this process can take up to 3-4 weeks so be sure to apply early.