The world of gemstones offers such an endless choice of colour and variety of fascinating minerals that they can satisfy even the most difficult of people to please. Since the dawn of history, men have put their lives at risk in the search for the most beautiful, naturally created, specimens from earth.

What you will learn

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  • Tanja, jewellery instructor portrait

    Tanja Sadow

    Tanja is an award winning jewellery designer & gemmologist with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents. Dean and founder of JDMIS, Tanja works with aspiring artisans as well as top jewellery brand team members to help them achieve brilliance in their careers. Read More
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A message from Tanja

What our students have to say?

  • If you are thinking of joining the jewellery industry, attend JDMIS courses. Both courses that I have attended are useful for me, (especially) for my new jewellery business.

    - Jason T. (Singapore)

  • I would tell people about how professional the instructors at JDMIS are as well as the crafts and skills offered for upgrading

    - Dennis.W. (Singapore)

  • Definitely is very useful to create personal pieces for myself and for gifting to others, knowing I have learned the proper way.

    - Karen K. (Singapore

  • JDMIS is a school that has knowledgable and friendly mentors to teach jewellery courses. Highly recommended!

    - Joyce T. (Singapore)

  • The instructors at JDMIS are very professional and provide good quality materials.

    - Yvonne M. (Germany)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The amazing thing about JDMIS is that the different courses can complement one another. And even after taking a few modules, a student can be quite independent to create amazing pieces.

    - Celia B. (Hungary)


  • I have recommended JDMIS to my friends so many times over the years, I can't remember how many times I've talked about it now. I always say it's not just fun but extremely practical in real life.

    - Stephanie T. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Great skills taught by great instructors! (I) may create new pieces of jewellery for friends and families, and probably make a jewellery line under my name.

    - Kenji P. (Singapore)


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