• 3-hour Workshop

    3-hour workshop

  • All tools provided; bring home final product worth 10g of 99.9% Silver

    All tools provided; bring home 10g of pure silver

  • Instructor

    Taught by Experts from JDMIS

Learn unique life-long skills to impress family and friends!

Making professional jewellery is no longer exclusive to skilled metalsmiths. In 3 hours, learn basic Silver Clay to start producing creative and personalised jewellery. All you need is creativity and a bit of patience to give meaning to your own creations!

'Metal clay' is a new jewellery material, composed of pure silver particles, water and binders. In this form it is soft and malleable, versatile, 100% safe and environmentally-friendly.

A fast, easy and creative experience!

Join a fun group in this completely beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn to produce and bring home a design in pure silver (10 grams worth $50!). Equipment will be provided on loan for this class and silver material is included in the workshop fee.

What you will do

Carve, stamp, press or roll the clay
Silver Experience Gallery Ringv2
Into your unique desired shape...
Fire under high temperature
Steps 04 Polishing S V2
Refine your shape until perfection..
Steps 05 Finishedv2
Bring home your unique jewellery piece!

2-minute intro video

Your instructor

This Metal Clay experience will be conducted by one of JDMIS' professional, registered permanent Jewellery Arts Faculty members who specialize in New Metals Technologies. All our trainers are practicing jewellery artists with many years of experience in the jewellery industry.

Learn at JDMIS' Queenstown campus

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Participants will receive a complementary 15-min tour of the JDMIS campus, one of the largest jewellery-training facilities in Asia!

Our commitment to safety

JDMIS adheres strictly to government guidelines to ensure the safety of all our students, instructors, and staff. We enforce safe distancing, mask-wearing, temperature checking and daily sanitising of all the rooms and equipment.

JDMIS is the region’s largest jewellery training centre and its state-of-the-art facilities provide the best possible learning experience – in terms of safety, professionalism and FUN!

Students' reviews

  • So much fun using clay to create jewellery. Creativity and innovation infused to create a master piece of our own.

    - Vani M. (Singapore)


  • I join to make pretty things for myself and my friends. It keeps me happy.

    - Michelle C. (Singapore)


  • Best place to learn Jewellery Design and Creations

    - Appoorva S. (India)


  • Class was interesting, pieces made during class was as good as it was purchased. Materials for class were included in the fees which makes it good value.

    - Agnes S. (Singapore)


  • You get to do a lot of things with your hands and take home your own jewellery.

    - Doris R. (Germany)


Location: MDIS' Queenstown Campus

Upcoming schedules

Original price: SG$200 per pax

Special 12.12 Promo, $24 OFF!

Participants can also claim reimbursement* of this workshop fee if they take up the corresponding JDMIS' Certificate later (*Cannot stack with other discounts and limited to 1 claim per student)