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  • 00:00 - 3:40: Introduction of JDMIS, the Jewellery Design & Management International School
  • 03:40 - 9:15: Overview of the classification, identification of species and varieties of gems
  • 9:15 - 25:20: The first C: Colour
  • 25:22 - 29:22: 4-minute Interlude: Alex's introduction to JDMIS Gem and Trade Secrets Certificate
  • 29:21 - 32:10: The second C: Clarity
  • 32:13 - 42:05 : Clarity in the case of diamonds
  • 42:06 - 44:20: The third C: Carat Weight
  • 44:21 - 51:00 The fourth C: Cutting & Style
  • 51:37 - 62:30: Overview of JDMIS' curriculum
  • 62:31 - 64:02: Virtual tour of JDMIS

Master Gemmology with JDMIS' Most Popular Certification Programme:

Close up picture of students in at the class in JDMIS' gem and jewellery class

This comprehensive course gives you the knowledge and power to take control of your gem purchases (if you are a collector or enthusiast) or your sales process (if you are a designer or jewellery professional). Beyond the common trade practices, you will see and learn about imitations, synthetics and treatments sometimes used to enhance or even to deceive.

✔️SkillsFuture Funding up to 70% for Singaporeans and PRs
✔️Hands-on learning with over 1,800 gem samples
✔️Master the latest gemmological equipment
✔️Lifetime refresher class policy
✔️Become a part of Singapore jewellery artists community

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