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  • 00:00 - 3:40: Introduction of JDMIS, the Jewellery Design & Management International School
  • 03:40 - 9:15: Overview of the classification, identification of species and varieties of gems
  • 9:15 - 25:20: The first C: Colour
  • 25:22 - 29:22: 4-minute Interlude: Alex's introduction to JDMIS Gem and Trade Secrets Certificate
  • 29:21 - 32:10: The second C: Clarity
  • 32:13 - 42:05 : Clarity in the case of diamonds
  • 42:06 - 44:20: The third C: Carat Weight
  • 44:21 - 51:00 The fourth C: Cutting & Style
  • 51:37 - 62:30: Overview of JDMIS' curriculum
  • 62:31 - 64:02: Virtual tour of JDMIS

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