The sparkling and creative world of jewellery holds great potential for meaningful and high-earning work. How to break into this exclusive and mysterious industry? With over 3 decades training jewellery professionals in Singapore, the Jewellery Design & Management International School, Singapore (JDMIS) has the answer...

Why Jewellery?

Jewellery enjoys a unique selling proposition across the world, given its relevance for everyday wear and importance in cultural representation. Part fashion and part investment, jewellery is by far the most significant contributor to global sales of personal accessories and is worth more than half of the 500-billion-dollar luxury industry. This sector is still growing annually, with the value of the global jewellery market expected to increase at nearly double the growth rate of other segments in the luxury market.

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On top of the exciting growth opportunities in the market, jewellery is such a happy industry to be in. Celebrating some of the most significant occasions in people’s lives, jewellery designers and jewellers work with customers to create sentimental gifts, and connect with their clients in ways that no other product can. Furthermore, there are many perks to becoming a jeweller – jewellery has high intrinsic value, and slower and easier-to-manage fashion trends compared to clothing. There is also a ready market for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Beyond that, jewellers get to enjoy working with many new and interesting raw materials, cool tools, and even travel all over the world to source for quality materials or meet clients.

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Kajal Naina, a multi-award jewellery designer and JDMIS Diploma graduate

Individuals who like working with their hands or enjoy having direct connections with their customers will definitely find significant satisfaction in joining the jewellery industry. If you are someone who is creative, appreciates quality and luxury, and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, then jewellery is for you!

The career prospects in this multi-faceted industry are diverse. There are 3 main paths covered by 3 corresponding comprehensive Diploma programmes at JDMIS:

  • Fine Jewellery Design (Hand draw or digitally design stunning jewellery)
  • Precious Metal Arts (Handcraft metals into creative and durable art pieces)
  • provide freelance design consultations
  • Fashion Jewellery Arts (Master stringing, wirework and weaving techniques)

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