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Working with the raw materials frees you to produce exactly what you envision! Jewellery designers are often at the mercy of the metalsmiths they commission to create their pieces. Fashion jewellery artists depend on their component suppliers. As a metalsmith however, your only limit is your imagination! Roll, saw, solder, rivet and polish precious metals into unique, wearable artworks.

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The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) is the only specialized school providing professional jewellery design, gemmology, fabrication and business training to the jewellery industry, artisan entrepreneurs and jewelelry enthsiasts.

We have uniquely structured courses ranging from intensive full-time diploma courses to compact 40 hour professional part-time certifications that focus on specific skills. Whether you are attracted by the idea of being a jewellery designer, need to upgrade your skills as a jewellery professional, or simply flex your creativity and express your own personal style, JDMIS can help you achieve and exceed your jewellery dreams!

You will Learn...

Making and Rolling Sheet Metal and Wire

Most jewellery projects begin by shaping raw materials. Learn tools and techniques to produce usable, even and malleable metal sheets and wires. Learn how wire/sheet hardness is increased and how to anneal hardened metals to regain their softness.

Sawing, Piercing and Drilling Techniques

Sawing, piercing & drilling are the most essential processes used by any metalsmith; learn to saw & pierce effectively & cleanly with minimal waste. Practice accurate drilling with hand & power tools.

Roll Printing and Texturing Metals

Practice with the use of steel punches to create textures; learn how to apply textures through the use of a rolling mill. For more unusual surface textures, master the technique of reticulation.

Hot Joining: Soldering and Fusing

Practice gas torch soldering on different metals and understand metal and solder compatibilities. Also learn fusing, the process of bonding metals together at melting point without solder.

Cold Joining and Mechanisms

Many mechanisms and joints require movement and thus cannot be soldered or fused. Learn common cold joining techniques to combine different design parts by rivetting.

Stone Setting

Apply traditional bezel stone setting styles from first principles!

Professional Finishing

Create mirror-finishes, unusual textures and exciting contrasts using both hand technuqies and power tools to achieve perfection in your finished creation.

Safety is paramount

With only 12 students in a class you learn fast and expert international instructors keep you safe in class and ensure you stay safe as you continue to practice this ancient art.

It could be you...
If you are creative and enjoy working with your hands, metalsmithing is much more accessible that you would imagine. You do not need jewellery or art experience to get started, and your classmates come from all walks of life - ensuring an enriching and enduring experience.

Your course fees include a 20,000 RPM flexible rotary drill!Your course fees include all the tools of the trade!

Absolutely Everything Included!

JDMIS prides itself on preparing its graduates for success - and this means there is no point to your learning a skill you will not be able to practice! We have sourced equipment and materials from around the world and included it in your course: more importantly, there are no hidden costs! All JDMIS certification courses are fully inclusive of tools and equipment, without spending a penny more, you take back your jewellery workbench, high-speed rotary drill, torch and tools of the trade to continue producing stunning jewellery from home!

Amazing Value!

This comprehensive course costs $2,800 and includes over $1200 of professional jeweller's equipment, precious metals, gems and more. This price is fully inclusive with no hidden charges!

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Tired of reading? Check out this fun segment from Channel News Asia where you can see some students in action!

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All certificate courses are subject to JDMIS' short course attendance and refund policy.

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Comprehensive Jewellery Certification

JDMIS specialises in comprehensive industry-level training! We train jewellery professionals from around the region in a wide range of jewellery topics. We also help jewellery artists excel by incorporating into their work, the techniques and best practises used by the professionals! Check out our formal Diploma programmes and their modules, which are also offered as stand-alone skills certifications:

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