Alex has 25 years of experience with the operational issues associated with jewellery retail in a variety of environments from small-scale designers developing custom labels to commercial retail in department store, independent retail, consignment and internet models. With a passion for retail systems and management and and interest in sales psychology he enjoys observing how Singapore's successful (and failing) retailers operate and adapt. He is responsible for the success and efficiency of the operational aspects of the JDMIS as well as training in Business courses and Computer Aided Design. Alex graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Marketing and Management and has a Master of Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship from INSEAD in France, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

Before returning to Singapore to help develop family businesses in jewellery and later, the growth plans for the JDMIS; Alex worked as an IT consultant and project manager in the field of combinatorics and configuration technology to major automotive industry manufacturers in the USA, UK and France. He has also learned much from his various internet and brick & mortar entrepreneurial ventures during this time. Alex also is the founder of a small management consulting firm in Singapore called Sigma Sapiens Consulting.

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