For internal training or consumer presentation requirements that demand less depth and time commitment, the JDMIS has produced a number of specialized 1-4 hour presentations on specific topics such as Pearls, Sapphires, Diamonds, Precious Metals, etc.

These sorts of presentations are given in an interactive or lecture format and can be delivered on-site or within our premises (for groups of up to 25). Clients have contracted such short presentations both for staff training and for marketing events or exhibitions where reputable, third party explanations of gems and jewellery information adds credibility to sales and promotional events.

Pricing for these presentations may be determined on a per-participant or per-presentation basis and varies based on the location, number of participants and nature of the event (eg: the JDMIS may absorb costs for presentations to the general public if the school’s name is to be publicised.) Due to their duration and the non-examinable nature of the training these short courses are not pre-approved for SDF subsidies.

Reference rates are:                                                                   

         Price (S$)
½ Day total time commitment in Singapore      S$450.00 
Full Day total time commitment in Singapore    S$800.00 
Full Day total time commitment abroad including travel time     S$1,200.00

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