Jewellery Workshop Singapore

The JDMIS offers comprehensive full time diplomas, yet majority of its professional students cannot relinquish their lives and commitments for full-time education. As such, the school diplomas are completely modular – with each being divided into relevant skills that are also offered as Jewellery Skills certifications.

These 30-hour hour courses are established credentials in the jewellery industry and they include all instructional materials, tools and equipment, where appropriate. The courses involve practical skills, necessary scientific and/or historical background and effective day-to-day uses for skills learned. Participants completing these are eligible for credit for equivalent modules of JDMIS Diploma qualifications.

JDMIS certification courses are especially relevant to industry professionals because instructors, who are professionals themselves, regularly include informal discussions during each session where additional pertinent topics are covered such as famous examples, experiences collected by them and their students, common retail sales situations, security precautions, etc. These discourses are intended both to educate as well as to add spontaneity and interest to the sessions.

These established courses provide the best value for money for individuals seeking to upgrade their skills, or companies wanting to sponsor key staff for in-depth training because they are regularly scheduled and can be taken by even 1 employee at a time.

Jewellery Workshop Singapore

All JDMIS'Certificate courses are now eligible for SkillsFuture Funding up to 70% plus SkillsFuture credits for Singaporeans and PRs. We can provide special arrangements for your organisations such as providing exclusive sessions for just your members (minimum 6 people), tools & materials discounts for groups of 12 or more people or any customised training requests.

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