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JDMIS customised staff training programs are geared towards producing an optimum curriculum and training experience for your organisation by investing in the analysis of existing business processes and creation of valuable training materials, as well as the professional delivery of this material. Subsequent deliveries of such a customized program are priced very competitively and are often suitable for delivery in a variety of locations, such as local and regional branches.

Clients with specialized product ranges or sales processes may need a customized training program that is prepared following discussion with relevant management personnel and examination of those products and procedures. Following a comprehensive needs assessment, training must be presented in a professional yet informal manner that is sure to engage and develop participants at all levels of responsibility, Jewellery experience and confidence.

Staff training programs are unique to each organization and, in our experience, no formulaic curriculum can achieve optimum results; as such, it is the policy of the JDMIS to provide only an example training outline for discussion prior to engagement. Lesson plans and curricula may be submitted to the WDA for approval of SDF Broad Based grant provided suitable lead time is given.

Tanja Sadow has been responsible for working with many high profile clients on corporate training projects and presentations both in Singapore and around the region. Her corporate clients include Cartier, DeBeers, Tiffany & Co., BP De Silva, Mabbousin, Schoeffel, Kampooli, Swarovski, Signity and the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board.

In the simplest type of engagement, training could be delivered based on existing materials developed and owned by the school and simply modified in their delivery location or number of participants. Where appropriate, the school can incorporate actual products from its client to allow for improved understanding and recall of specific concepts and how they apply to the jewellery on offer. Basic training engagements include feedback from participants to the HR department but no customization or formal assessments.

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