Remote Learning: Creating Beauty- Aesthetic Principles for Jewellery

Unlike anything available to jewellery artists worldwide, this Exclusive Remote Live Training will help you identify and record the design patterns that resonate with you and translate them into desirable jewellery creations!

This is not an academic lecture series... it is a truly interactive workshop where you will surprise yourself with your personal discoveries!

What you will learn

  • Design Language

    Design Language

    Explore in-depth design language and the various standard visual elements that make up a good design

  • Aesthetic Archetypes

    Aesthetic Archetypes

    Understand and connect with your own archetype or resonant combination of archetypes. Archetypes are primal patterns of emotional responses shared across humans

  • Flow States

    Flow States

    Lean about creative 'flow state' and how you can use archetypes to enter your flow state

  • Apply Flow To Sales

    Apply Flow To Sales

    Use the knowledge of flow to help customers connect with your designs and increase conversions & repeat sales

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Course summary

    • Design Language
    • Aesthetic Archetypes
    • Flow States
    • Apply Flow to Communicate With and Convert Customers
    • SG$650 (Inclusive of GST)
    • 12 hours, divided into 6 online interactive sessions

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