Since the School’s reopening after phase 1 in June 2020, JDMIS has been refining its precautions and at the same time stepping up its COVID safety measures in light of the more transmissible Omicron variant.

Temperature scanning at JDMIS

JDMIS Safety Measures and Policies

We have been enforcing strict safety precautions using a combination of common sense, attention to detail and technology to keep visitors, students and staff safe while at school:

  • Weekly compulsory ART testing for all School’s staff and instructors
  • SafeEntry Gateway next to automatic Digital Temperature Scanning and Mask-recognition machine
  • Empty classrooms are used, where necessary, as waiting areas to prevent crowding of the entrance
  • Minimizing in-person payments, using e-invoices for payment as much as possible
  • Dedicated tools: Students receive their own set of tools and equipment to use throughout the course.
  • Safe classroom distancing
  • Twice-daily temperature checking for all students and staff
  • Sanitizer in every room
  • Anti bacterial/viral fogging of classrooms
  • Mandatory mask policy
  • No entry to anyone in LOA/QO household

Vaccine Differentiated Measures

The majority of participants of JDMIS programmes are vaccinated. However, if you have been unable to vaccinate for medical reasons, you should be aware that access to the MDIS campus (and therefore JDMIS) is subject to government mandated Vaccine Differentiated Measures (VDM). Unvaccinated students entering the school are subject to the same requirements as those entering shopping malls or other public places with VDM.

On the day you wish to attend class you will need to show MOH or doctor's letter stating exception from vaccination requirements and a valid PET (eg: ART test) completed on the morning of your entry.

We are not authorized to make exemptions to these guidelines and thank you for your assistance in ensuring they are adhered to.

JDMIS Funny Student Mask Shot

Please stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

To find out more about various exciting upcoming classes give us a call at 6221 5253.

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