Under the Workforce Singapore’s Adapt and Grow initiative, in collaboration with the Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS), the Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Jewellery Design & Marketing Professional is developed and rolled out to facilitate mid-career PMETs’ switch into the Jewellery industry.

Through the CCP, participants will receive job-matching support from JDMIS as well as training to equip job seekers with necessary skills and competencies in jewellery design, marketing and merchandising so that they can embark on a new career in the Jewellery sector.

The five-month-long CCP comprises of customised structured on-the-job training and 240 hours of facilitated classroom training.

Position and Candidate Requirements
The CCP programme is open to professionals from outside the jewellery industry or for new hires you have made within the past 3 months. Please help us understand your plans for the CCP candidate you want.

Information about your company to share with candidates
In this section, we ask for a little more information about your company, to help motivate good candidates to register and participate in the programme.

Terms of the PHP

Documentation Required for PHP

Once you have a suitable candidate, in order to start the CCP, you must submit the required documentation to JDMIS for WSG audit and approval. This includes:

  • Paper application form with signature
  • Company ACRA documentation
  • Employee Resume, NRIC and details
  • Job Description for Employee (you may refer to JDMIS sample documents for your convenience)
  • On-the-job-training activity plan (you may refer to JDMIS sample documents for your convenience)
  • Agreement to report on employee status following the conclusion of CCP programme
Terms and Conditions of CCP


  • You will need to employ this candidate with an employment contract
  • Employment period must be at least 10 months (5 months CCP+OJT & 5 months after the CCP programme)
  • You may bond your employee since you are investing in training
  • You must provide JDMIS with an OJT report at the conclusion of the CCP
  • You must provide status updates on the employee quarterly, for the first year of employment
Do you understand that in-school training is a mandatory part of the CCP?

Your CCP candidate will need to spend 2-3 days per week (or more if you choose the #SGUnited 'Excel'arated schedule in school, learning design, gemmology, marketing and merchandising skills. These schedules are subject to course availability and if the candidate is unable to reach 75% attendance they will not meet the mandatory requirement for funding - resulting in your being billed for full course fees and not receiving salary support.

Preparing your access to candidate management tool
JDMIS has prepared a candidate management tool to allow you to view and shortlist PCP candidates that enter the programme. You will need to create a password to access this system.

Troubleshooting Information: