The JDMIS markets its courses showing a combination of tuition fees and course-materials fees. As such, students receive all the books, tools, jewellery making equipment, and materials they will need to complete their contact training assignments. This presentation of the school fees allows us to communicate easily to our students the total sum they should expect to pay upon successful enrolment in the programmes however, full-time Diploma students participating in the Student Protection Scheme will be interested in the tuition/materials cost breakdown...

Diploma Tuition and Course Materials Fees

Below is a listing of the JDMIS diploma programmes’ fees:

Diploma Programme Fees
Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design $10,800.00
Diploma in Precious Metal Arts $12,800.00
Diploma in Fashion Jewellery Arts $11,400.00





All prices are listed in Singapore Dollars and are fully inclusive of Goods & Service Tax and all tools and materials.

Students may choose to purchase additional materials if they wish to practive outside of required assignments according to their budget, productivity and desire to reuse old project materials. The JDMIS can recommend local sources for all materials and can advise on budgeting and pre-negotiated student discounts.

Singapore Goods and Services Tax

The JDMIS is registered with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (GST Registration No.200723821C) and all sales made by the JDMIS are subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax. At the time of writing, this tax was levied at 7% of the sales total. This tax is included within all published prices and appears as a separate line item on student tax invoices.

For GST Refund or import declaration purposes, students may request an itemized list of the books and equipment issued to them and paid for within their non-tuition course material fees. Since equipment and materials continue to be issued throughout the program, the JDMIS will only issue such documentation upon successful completion of their program.

Other Non-Tuition Fees

In addition to tuition and course materials, the JDMIS charges a non-refundable registration fee at the time of application and several optional non-tuition fees for services that may be rendered at the student’s request:

Service/Item Fee
Registration Fee (non-refundable, includes application fee) $75
Diploma / Certificate Reprint charge $15/ cert.
Make-up fee for each/any lesson rescheduled with less than 5 days of notice to registrar (note:make-up lessons may not be applied to WSQ funding attendance requirements.) $45
Final Assessment Rescheduling fee
(must be completed within 14 days of course and subject to assessor and facilities availablity.)
Replacement Student Identification Card $10
Module Retake Fee 
(for failed modules)
15% tuition + materials

Deferment Fee
(for modules deferred while in progress) 

15% tuition + materials
Diploma / Transcript fax/mail delivery fee As incurred

Late Payment Fees
(for payments received after the due date; note that late 
payment fees are non-negotiable for payments to escrow 
account but may be absorbed at the discretion of the 
management under special circumstances for non-tuition fees)

$50/ late payment &

2% interest per month

All prices are listed in Singapore Dollars and are subjected to the prevailing Goods & Service Tax (7% at the time of writing).

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