Complimentary Gems & Pearls Online Training

for Singapore Jewellery Companies (Worth $80/pax)

As a member of the Singapore Jewellers Association you qualify for complimentary access to JDMIS’ Gems & Pearl eLearning bundle worth $80! At the end of these 2 short and fact-filled courses, you will gain confidence in your understanding of precious materials. Start by exploring the properties and classification of coloured gemstones and diamonds, then understand how we consider gemstone value the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. Extend your knowledge beyond mineral gemstones to the most popular of organic gems: pearls. You will learn about the different types of pearls, their characteristics, value factors and common immitations.

Delivered by JDMIS Dean and Founder Tanja Manuela Sadow, these online learning programmes are accessible and fun – structured in a short, micro-learning format that you can jump into any time and easily return to for future reference. These online programmes have been enjoyed by over 2,300 participants in the last year alone.

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