Fashion Jewellery Design is the fastest way to get started with your business in the jewellery industry Techniques at a glance. Click the image to enlarge.

Are you are an artisan entrepreneur looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your work? a jewellery company employee needing to implement commercial techniques for in-store repairs? a hobbyist looking for the best training available? Studying Fashion Jewellery with the professionals means less trial and error, a better understanding of the quality of components available, and superior products for your clients, customers or friends and relatives.

As a pillar of JDMIS' professional jewellery courses, the techniques, materials and information in this programme has been refined over decades and thousands of students! It represents the most formal and complete training available in the Fashion Jewellery Arts anywhere.

Course outline

  • 1. Wire Crochet

    1. Wire Crochet

    Experiment with Wire Crochet using traditional single & double stitching techniques as well as the chain and slip-stitch patterns. Learn to eliminate kinks and weave in beads to dramatic effect.

  • 2. One-to-Two Strand Stringing Style

    2. One-to-Two Strand Stringing Style

    A very popular multiple-strand styles with knots is the One-to-Two Strand Stringing Style, which is often used with expensive materials to reduce costs towards the rear of the design. Learn the unique measurement system and design considerations needed to achieve a seamless transition from a single rear strand to multiple strands in the front.

  • 3. Wire Wrapping of Cabochons

    3. Wire Wrapping of Cabochons

    Supplement your existing wire wrapping skills with innovative and secure construction techniques for Wire Wrapping of Cabochons: techniques for wrapping flat backed gems of various sizes and materials.

  • 4. Wire Sculpting

    4. Wire Sculpting

    Use Jigs for Accurate Repeatable Wire Parts. Learn how to use wire jigs to make precise wire shapes that can be used as bacelet parts, clasps, earring hooks and more. Experiment with Celtic, Egyptian, Aztec and modern geometric patterns.

  • 5. Wire Mastery

    5. Wire Mastery

    Explore the creative possibilities of Wire Sculpting, where you use round wire, half-round wire and square wire to create stunning wire designs. Learn patterns and techniques on how to use these wires individually and how to combine them with binding wires.

  • 6. Multiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft Wire

    6. Multiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft Wire

    Multiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft Wire provide new and innovative ways to vary designs, incorporate new materials, and produce more elaborate and exotic jewellery styles. These advanced techniques cover both technical challenges and artistic possibilities and help you decide on length, budget effectively and create patterns that are complementary and lay well together. Multiple strand methods to be mastered include the multiple-straight style, multiple-twist style and the multiple-tier style.

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