JDMIS for Working Professionals

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JDMIS Programmes for Working ProfessionalsJDMIS is a great way to de-stress and express yourself in the corporate world!

  • Take some time out & get your creative juices flowing... Jewellery design and jewellery-making is a great way to relax AND be productive at the same time!
  • Jewellery is a great way to express your inner style regardless of how you dress for work! Creating your own is original and a great talking point at the water cooler!
  • Working professionals have the budget & desire for buying jewellery, but few know what they are buying; Learn more about the origins and value of what you are buying and learn tips that help you discern the genuine articles!
  • The jewellery industry offers many opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit! Many of our working, part-time students go on to handsomely supplement their incomes with their creative pursuits using sales channels as diverse as their communities & clubs to internet marketplaces.
  • Whether you plan to continue working in your current field, or are excited by the concept of a career change, there are ways to incorporate your passion for jewellery into whatever you do!

Join us for an open house to find out more about the many, many exciting skills, techniques & styles you can learn and the career options in this multi-billion dollar industry!

For more information On-line, check out these programs:

JDMIS offers compact yet comprehensive diploma programs that include everything you need to produce extraordinary jewellery. Take a look at our three targetted dilpoma tracks:

Not ready to commit to a full diploma? Start today & do it little-by-little with our short, 40 hour skills certifications:

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