Diploma in Fashion Jewellery Arts

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JDMIS Fashion Jewellery Arts Programme Become a Certified Fashion Jewellery Artist! Fashion Jewellery I - Materials, Techniques and Creativity Fashion Jewellery II - Professional Techniques, Efficiency Fashion Jewellery III - Master Techniques Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets Epic Jewellery and Contemporary Trends Fashion Jewellery Arts Diploma

Successful fashion jewellery professionals must rise above massproduced, low quality merchandise flooding the market and distinguish themselves through design, quality of materials and expert fabrication. This unique and highly specialized diploma combines professional techniques with practical advice, product knowledge and design inspiration to ensure immediate results.

By becoming a Certified Fashion Jewellery Artist, grow your knowledge base, experience and range of design; profit as you carve your niche in this field.

Completing many different styles of design, using a plethora of different materials, and experiencing how to work with customers and design to specification, this programme prepares you for a successful path in the creative jewellery arts..

Certified Fashion Jewellery Artists:
  • show professionalism & commitment to their craft  
  • produce unique designs using advanced techniques  
  • understand their materials and choose the best  
    combinations for their jewellery lines
  • develop their own style and brand, with attention     
    to detail and quality, that is consistently saleable.

Diploma modules in this programme include:
FJ100xp: Fashion Jewellery I
Materials, Techniques and Creativity
The use of thread & wire in jewellery fabrication continues to be popular because of the technique's wide variety of durable styles and methods. Learn professional techniques for knotting with silk or polyester and methods of wire work that include the use of hard and soft wire and chain creation. Go beyond technique and understand how best to match styles with gemstones, organic and man-made materials.
FJ300xp: Fashion Jewellery III
Master Techniques
Expanding upon the techniques learned in previous courses, learn the design principles and calculations used to create multiple-strand thread-based jewellery, as well as wire techniques to create customized findings, clasps and accessories. At the conclusion of the fashion jewellery programme, students will have produced more than 20 stunning pieces of jewellery to professional standards.

FJ200xp: Fashion Jewellery II
Professional Techniques, Efficiency
Build upon foundational skills by learning new variations of design and technique that expand your design possibilities. Improve stringing, wirework, weaving and chain-making skills and develop confidence and speed in your production of quality, lasting jewellery. Discover effective planning techniques and tools to reduce waste and improve quality and efficiency when producing jewellery lines.
Recommended Supplements:
Jewellery Marketing, Merchandising, Retail Operations, Trade

Fashion Jewellery Artists are usually entrpreneurial. With exceptional skills and a knowledge of jewellery and style, JDMIS recommends specialized jewellery business programmes as an optional, but highly relevant enhancement to the skills and knowledge presented in this diploma.

GM100: Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets
Trade practices, Buying Tips, Treatments & More...
Appreciate the rarity of the precious elements used in jewellery: Learn gemstone classification systems and how coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls are valued and sometimes imitated. Grasp the properties of precious metals and how these and fabrication methods affect value. Become proficient with loupe techniques and examine hundreds of natural, synthetic and imitation gemstones.
HS100: Epic Jewellery & Contemporary Trends
Famous Jewellers, Classic Designs & Identifying Trends
From prehistory to the present day, the significant periods of jewellery design are presented in order to gain knowledge and inspiration from the past. See how certain themes, materials and patterns repeat themselves and how World-famous jewellers capitalize on these cycles. Today's fashion trends are also covered as well as how jewellery designers can prepare themselves for future trends.

All tools and materials are included in the course fees.  This programme is available as a full-time course of study or can be achieved in a modular fashion. Prerequisites include English proficiency and completion of high-school or equivalent education. Information within printed materials is subject to change - please contact the JDMIS registrar for admissions and pricing information or visit www.jdmis.edu.sg.   Diploma is issued by the JDMIS upon completion of matriculation requirements which include minimum attendance, project assessments, in-course tests and final examinations.

Course fees: S$10,750
All JDMIS Course fees are fully inclusive of all materials, tools, taxes, registration fees, etc...

There are no hidden costs; read more about the school's unique pricing policies here... 

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