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Do you have a father figure in your life (husband, grandfather, uncle...) for whom you are thankful and would like to give a gift of appreciation? Or are you a father yourself looking to explore something new this Father’s Day?

For Father's Day this year, treat yourself or your father figure to a precious and rare experience: $2000 Gemmology course conducted by the Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS)!

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Knowledge of Gemmology and the latest trade practices is essential for every aspiring gem enthusiast, dealer, and collector.

Not only can you make better-informed decisions but also avoid overpaying when purchasing various gemstones. 

In 5 days, you will learn in-depth knowledge about:

  • Classification of gemstones
  • Factors affecting the value of the Coloured Gems
  • Natural versus synthetic Diamonds
  • Freshwater vs Saltwater Pearls (Natural, Cultured, and Imitations)
  • Fascinating Phenomenal Gems
  • Jade and jade Imitations... All within just 30 hours!

This course comes with a gem connoisseur package which includes a jeweller’s loupe, gemmological pen light, tweezers, gem cloth and practice gems (worth $261)

The lucky winner chosen at random will get for free the highly popular 5-day Gem & Jewellery Trade Secret Certificate course with JDMIS worth $2000!

There will also be:

  • 5 runner-up prizes:half-day trial voucher for the above Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets course
  • 10 consolation prizes: jewellery training vouchers worth up to $450 each for jewellery training courses at JDMIS.

For more information about JDMIS Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets Certificate, please visit: or watch the trailer video below:

Preview video

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I love the way Tanja teach! The class were never bored as she fills the lessons with examples and stories related to the topic of the lessons.

    - Louis L.(Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Love the history, story and trade sharing by Tanja... Very insightful learning!

    - Eileen L. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Loving the gem course and Tanja is always very informative... It's engaging and full of new information

    - Faizal S. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Everything was so well organised and executed. There was so much information shared and things to learn that I wish our course was slightly longer.

    - Esther C. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Tanja is amazing, professional and really experiece and patient with all of us.

    - Scott P. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Great instructor, great course materials and fun environment... I really learn a lot from this course and really love it. I can identify my gemstones better.

    - Su Myat T.


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Overall, the course was very well planned, course materials were excellent and the instructor was marvellous. I cannot think of a single complaint and I would highly recommend this course to friends who would be interested to know more about the Jewellery and Gem trade. Keep up the good work!

    - Raymond K.


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I am surprised by the extend of sample gemstones available for use in class. Enough details. Fantastic.

    - Gerard L.


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