JDMIS Jewellery Design and Creativity Experience

Understand how traditional and digital designers work, learn how to use colour theory and practise techniques for creative variation.

In today's competitive jewellery industry, the only way to excel is through unique and saleable design. No longer can a jewellery designer work independently of the manufacturer and retailer; successful designers understand their materials and gems, know about style, trends and fashion, and must produce stunningly beautiful, but also wearable, commercially practical jewels.

JDMIS's comprehensive Fine Jewellery Design Diploma provides professional skills, industry best practises and a deep understanding of design, costing, gemstones, trends and manufacturing techniques. In this exclusive preview session, participants will experience and practise some of the creative techniques used to generate new design ideas, learn how designers make decisions to successfully match colours and explore the new technologies that are revolutionising the jewellery design and fabrication industry.

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JDMIS Jewellery Design and Creativity Experience Workshop

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