FJ300XP - Fashion Jewellery III

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JDMIS Fashion Jewellery Arts Programme Become a Certified Fashion Jewellery Artist! Fashion Jewellery I - Materials, Techniques and Creativity Fashion Jewellery II - Professional Techniques, Efficiency Fashion Jewellery III - Master Techniques Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets Epic Jewellery and Contemporary Trends
Sculpting with wire at JDMIS

Fashion Jewellery Arts

The master fashion jewellery artist combines creativity, control, efficiency and judgement. With advanced techniques to minimize work, parsimoniously use high-value materials, and accurately gauge price, comfort and size, JDMIS advanced fashion jewellery programmes take thread and wire techniques to commercial levels.

With a selection of important new design styles and techniques, the learning projects at this advanced stage ensure the fashion jewellery artists comprehensive experience and confidence in their medium; able to conceive new creations from scratch or build jewellery to customers’ exacting specifications.

Moreover at the conclusion of the fashion jewellery arts programme, graduates are well equipped with the tools and equipment to succeed and a wide range of quality fashion jewellery pieces to jump-start their commercial jewellery line, provide inspiration for future designs, or make unique and valuable gifts.

FJ300xp: Fashion Jewellery III
Master Techniques

Learn new methods fashion jewellery fabrication and receive guidance on the best ways to combine existing techniques to release your creative and professional potential!

Multiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft WireMultiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft WireMultiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft Wire

Multiple-Strand Stringing Styles with Soft Wire provide new and innovative ways to vary designs, incorporate new materials, and produce more elaborate and exotic jewellery styles.

These advanced techniques cover both technical challenges and artistic possibilities and help you decide on length, budget effectively and create patterns that are complementary and lay well together.

Multiple strand methods to be mastered include the multiple-straight style, multiple-twist style and the multiple-tier style.


Wire Mastery: Begin with Component Creation, using half-hard and soft wires make components including clasps, earring hooks, connectors, separators & more.
Wire Mastery

Learn construction techniques for safety, appearance and durability. To add elegance and diversity to designs, you will then explore Wire Coiling, a technique used both in history as well as many contemporary designs. Use these skills to create linked coil necklaces, bracelets and accessories.

Wire Wrapping of CabochonsWire Sculpting

Next, supplement your existing wire wrapping skills with innovative and secure construction techniques for Wire Wrapping of Cabochons: techniques for wrapping flat backed gems of various sizes and materials. Finally, explore the creative possibilities of Wire Sculpting, where you use round wire, half-round wire and square wire to create stunning wire designs. Learn patterns and techniques on how to use these wires individually and how to combine them with binding wires.

One-to-Two Strand Stringing Style

A very popular multiple-strand styles with knots is the One-to-Two Strand Stringing Style, which is often used with expensive materials to reduce costs towards the rear of the design. Learn the unique measurement system and design considerations needed to achieve a seamless transition from a single rear strand to multiple strands in the front.

Wire Crochet

Finally experiment with Wire Crochet using traditional single & double stitching techniques as well as the chain and slip-stitch patterns. Learn to eliminate kinks and weave in beads to dramatic effect.

Course Duration:

40 hours
(7 weeks, 1 day/week or 
14 weeks, 1 half-day/week)

Course Fees:



Instructor: Bea Knijf

Tanja Sadow

 JDMIS Fashion Jewellery Artist Diploma

This course is part of the JDMIS Diploma in Fashion Jewellery Arts

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